Translation of collections:
Co-editor: A Different Eden. Ecopoetry from Ireland and Galicia (2021)
The Mouth of the Earth, Manuel Rivas (2019)

The Disappearance of Snow, Manuel Rivas (2012)
Mother Tongue, Pura López Colomé (2007)
If We Have Lost Our Oldest Tales, María Baranda (2007)

Anthologised in:
The New World Written, María Baranda selected poems, edited by Paul Hoover (2021)
Migrant Shores: Irish, Moroccan & Galician Poetry, edited by Manuela Palacios (2018)
Forked Tongues, edited by Manuela Palacios (2012)
To the Wind Our Sails, edited by Mary O’Donnell & Manuela Palacios (2010)
Translations for journals:
Three Poems, by Manuel Rivas, in Asymptote