The Sacrificial Wind

The Sacrificial Wind project originated with a series of dramatic monologues based on the Greek story of the sacrifice of Iphigenia. First published as the ‘Aulis Monologues’ (Anchored), these were  expanded and adapted for stage in collaboration with Director, Max Hafler, and a cast of three. The end result is The Sacrificial Wind, a 50 minute theatre piece which was staged in The Town Hall Theatre, Galway,  as part of the programme of the Cúirt Festival in 2017, in NUI Galway as part of the Arts In Action programme in 2016, and in the Heaney HomePlace, 2018.

This is poetic drama. It takes the form of a series of monologues and Chorus pieces addressed directly to the audience.  We hear from characters who witnessed the sacrifice at Aulis: Agamemnon, Achilles, Calchas, Footsoldiers and Iphigenia herself. Also her mother Clytemnestra, her sisters Electra and Chrysothemis, a Chorus, and Euripides, who struggles to finish his own work Iphigenia in Aulis.