What happens in that moment beyond witness,

what constellations dissolve and re-form?

Will memories, relentlessly forgotten,

reassemble, fully restored?

(from ‘Mothwing’, in Anchored)

IMAGE: Curragh Landscape 9, Grainne Dowling ©


Lark Water 

September 2021 | Paperback | 86 pages

Like its title, the poems in Lorna Shaughnessy’s wonderful new collection encompass flow and flight.  Drawing on dream and story, they dodge nothing of the turbulence and grit of a life in full flow. (Moya Cannon)

Whether reflecting on nature, or on personal loss, or on birth ritual in Tudor England – she envelops the reader in the intensity of the experience and its emotional repercussions. In poem after poem, phrases leap from the page. (Moyra Donaldson)

There is a lucent quality about Lorna Shaughnessy’s work, a clear-sighted and intelligent sensitivity that is immediately appealing, and which is matched by her skill and craft. (Paddy Bushe)